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Fixing Upvc doors in Morley is something we do on a weekly basis. When a customer rings us for a UPVC door repairs Morley doing, we can always repair them the same day. We can provide such a service, because we are actually local to Morley. With over 25 years in the Upvc door repair industry, your door will never be in more experienced hands. We can repair anything on Upvc doors, including new Upvc door panels, handles, hinges, seals and door locks. Why not give us a call for the cheapest prices to be found in Morley.

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TS007 Anti Snap Door Lock Specialists

ABS anti snap lock

Over the years fitting anti snap door locks. We have supplied the latest TS007 3 star high security anti snap locks to many customers within the Morley area. Anti snap locks are very in demand around Morley, the amount of break ins that happen this way is unbelievable. Even now, some people in Morley still have the old style Upvc door locks fitted to the doors. We strongly recommend you give us a call if you do because these standard locks can be broken in to quite easily. Your local Upvc door repair specialists company only fits anti snap locks now on every door repair we carry out. We can now source good quality budget anti snap locks so the prices are not much more than the standard locks.

Failed uPVC Door Mechanisms

One common repair we do on Upvc doors is the main mechanism failing, stopping you from locking the door or even jamming the door shut with no way to open your UPVC door. Don’t worry if this happens to you because we have over 25 years experience of repairing this problem. This can be caused sometimes by the door dropping over time, thus stopping the hooks and catches from lining up. When we fit you a new Upvc door mechanism in Morley, we always realign the door back up so it works perfect. With giving our customers 12 months guarantee as standard, your door will work exactly as it should once we’ve repaired it.