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Cheapest For Anti Snap Locks In Leeds

The fitting of Anti Snap Locks to UPVC and composite doors in Leeds has now become a serious matter because UPVC door lock burglaries are on the increase in Leeds. 80% of all the burglaries ASAP Locksmiths attend are gained entry through this way. If your UPVC door lock is like the many 1000’s of doors out there, that only have the now outdated and standard UPVC door lock fitted. With our extensive knowledge of anti snap locks you will do well to find a cheaper locksmith for these type of locks in Leeds. If you require the best TS007 anti snap locks on the market fitting. Please make it one of the first things you do today, and call ASAP Locksmiths for the best prices in Leeds, Guaranteed.

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How To Know What Door Locks You Have ?

If you’ve had the same lock fitted in your Upvc door for over the last 12 to 15 years or over. Chances are, you will have the old style Upvc door lock fitted. These locks are just not worth having in this day and age, and can prove a security risk for everyone in Leeds. West Yorkshire Police recommend the fitting of anti snap locks in every home, and so do ASAP Locksmiths.

We now only install anti snap locks as standard to all the door repairs we carry out, and also offer them when we see the old ones are still in. For more information on anti snap locks in Leeds, please take a minute to watch the video below that was broadcast on the BBC in February 2012.


As with every item you can purchase today, there is a lot of different choices of locks available, depending on your budget. Anti snap locks are star rated by the industry, and some have many different features incorporated within them. Now when searching for the so called best ones, it can get quite mind boggling with which one does what. We don’t have a particular lock we recommend, we always fit the ones within our customers budget. For us any anti snap lock is way better than a standard one, so it doesn’t really matter which one you have fitted to your door.

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